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    Keratin is the main component of hair. It is a protein rich in sulfur that contains 18 different amino acids. Responsible for hair growth and firmness, it constitutes the vertebral chain (cortex) of each hair. When treating hair, these cortexes lose keratin because the internal peptide bridges are damaged, which is when the essential gliss keratin ampoules repair the hair from the inside, reaching the cuticle (unlike a silicone treatment, which only masks this damage). These ampoules have a massaging effect, exerting a reconstruction action and function to add an extra shine and softness. Thus, the Keratin Essential Gliss is ideal for dull and damaged hair. It brings vitality and silkiness. It is important to note that since this product is comprised of pure keratin, it does not leave hair greasy or weighted down, which means that it does not require rinsing. Simply wash the hair with shampoo, rinse, remove the moisture with a towel and apply the Keratin Essential Gliss, spreading it from the middle to the tips of your hair. Dry and use a straightening iron if desired.


    Presentation Box 12 ampoules of 7 ml.

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