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    This multifaceted restorative treatment repairs very damaged and dry hair. The strong reparation power of the cuticle formulated with amino acids of keratin (comprised of wheat germ) aids in recovering the texture of the hair, providing softness, movement, shine and body.  This product repairs all types of hair, making it ideal for hair with coloring or discoloration, as well as hair that is mistreated by chemical or straightening processes. It also contains anti frizz power, helps to align hair tips and control curls, and even prevents the formation of split ends, guaranteeing longer hair styling. In addition, it serve to untangle locks and adds extreme brightness to hair, providing body and volume at the same time. In addition, this product protects and maintains hair color and smooths the cuticle.  For daily use: after washing hair, remove moisture with a towel and apply a dime-sized amount to hair, massaging with the fingers from the middle of locks to hair tips. Then, comb and dry.


    Presentation 100 ml, minimum 70 applications.

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